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25000 Saunders Posture S'port Support
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Saunders Posture S'port helps align the entire spine and prevents stooped shoulders to maintain good posture. Anchors around the waist with an adjustable, elastic waistband. Straps criss-cross over the back to gently pull the shoulders, spine and lower back into a more erect position.

Waist Measurement
445 EZ 10" Lumbosacral Support- Herringbone- Twill back
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Most popular lumbosacral support with a 10 in back twill panel reinforced with aluminum or polyethylene stays. Tapered 6 in. front allows comfortable sitting. The reinforced latex free elastic side panels permit customized fit & breathability. Reinforcement straps provide the extra support.

Hip Circumference at the Widest Point in Inches

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